Are Traditional Marketing Channels Viable?

In our increasingly digital world it can be tempting to conclude that traditional marketing channels are no longer productive and so it would be wise for companies and marketing agency specialists to ignore print media, events and trade shows, radio campaigns and flyers.

A consideration of the High Street’s fortunes or the ever decreasing in volume telephone directories indicates that consumers are changing how they shop and seek solutions but please don’t make the error of using only digital marketing channels.

To abandon traditional marketing avenues is to willingly give up potential sales.Not everyone is online, some people don’t have confidence in online shopping experiences or feel confused by technology. It is these consumers who need to learn about you via traditional channels.

A study by Bangor University confirmed that physical material appears more real to the human mind. It connects to the memory. It demands emotional processing which aids brand associations. Offline adverts produce brain activity which internalises the data.

Core message

Regardless of the marketing channels utilised it must be clear to the consumer what your brand’s USP is, why you offer a better solution than your rivals, how you manage ethics and environmental concerns and if you invest in the community. It is essential to create an emotional response; interest, intrigue, a wish to learn, a must have or must do response.

From the initial point of interest, build a lasting relationship and loyalty. This is easier with digital channels than with traditional, and the investments return can be measured more accurately this way too. Digital platforms allow the brand to reach a global audience 24 hours a day, something that local radio, a newspaper advert or a delivery of marketing material to allotted postcodes cannot boast but that doesn’t necessarily make these options less valuable to you, your profit margins and reputation.

Choose marketing agency expertise over in-house guesswork

Marketing agency professionals understand the value of employing various approaches in line with your target market and how and where they are inclined to make purchases.

Right market + Right product/brand message + Right PR channel = Effective PR.

  • Is your target market influenced by recommendations by their favourite celebrity, blogger or vlogger? If so, influencers can have a significant and positive effect. Is the celebrity’s following online, on radio or TV?
  • Your consumer may not go online every day, but they could get the local or national newspaper each morning as they take the dog for a walk. Don’t neglect them.
  • Is your target audience likely to pick up a glossy magazine in their lunchbreak or check online for their solutions instead?
  • Are your consumers keen to follow you on social media or are they more likely to attend an event about your product or sponsored by your brand?
  • Is your target market embracing artificial intelligence or watching their favourite TV programme when you communicate a message?

Trust a PR agency like Ceres PR to distribute energy effectively across the most productive marketing channels so that you can be assured of optimum return on investment.